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How to build a custom home on a budget in Sydney

Building a Sydney home on a budget can be very tough especially in this era of rising property prices but there are some things you can do to mitigate the costs involved.

Know your Budget

Firstly, you will need to understand and know what your budget is. There is often such a range with houses, that you can often guess wrong in excess of hundreds of thousands. It’s a good idea to get informed and educated with the average market price of houses in the area you are thinking of building or buying.

Know the amount of space needed

Everyone wants space, but do you really need that much space. Depending on your family size and needs, there is a comfortable amount of size that can be accepted. Sometimes people buy houses in Sydney with alot of space but end up only really using a small percentage of it on a regular bases. Instead of spending thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, you can simply learn how to optimise the space that is really needed like buying the correct sizing furniture, removing junk from the house regularly, and situating furniture properly. By following these principles you can cut down on space and live in a healthy and comfortable environment.

Bigger spaces need more maintenance

Keeping in mind the space require, bigger spaces require more maintenance. When you have larger spaces, you will need to think about the constant work that is involved such as cleaning, heating, lighting, etc. Instead of cleaning one small space, you could be cleaning one large space which could double the time required. Also in summer or winter that area could be far from the central heating or cooling system.

Balancing quality and time

Depending on your needs, investing money into quality furniture can be saving you money in the long run. When choosing to decorate your home there are so many options on what cabinets, bedside tables, dinning room tables, chairs, kitchenware, couches, seats etc to get that it can be rather daunting. You don’t need to always get the most expensive but take time to judge the quality and the aesthetics of everything you buy. If you're going to be looking and using it at it everyday, you need to make sure you are happy with it.

Materials of building

Get to know that types of materials that you want to use to build your home can save you the time and money. Choosing the right material will make your home look aesthetically pleasing and you will be content with the overall finishes in the long run. If the kitchen is where you will spend most of the time, you most likely want to invest more money into using high end finishes. Having regularly discussions with your builder is beneficial so you know what are your options in finishes around the home.

Our Sydney team of custom home builders are available to talk over any questions you may have about building or renovating your Sydney home. Call us to make an appointment to speak to our friendly team / builders at Northco Developments.


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