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Tailored Made Home Builders Sydney Reviews

Choosing a personalised home builder can often be a daunting task, especially when building your first home. We have a reviews checklist you should take a look at before starting any home project.

Does the Sydney custom homes contractor have a license?

This can sound like a very basic step but can often go overlooked. Any large construction project requires a Sydney home builder’s license. This construction industry has been scrutinised for hiring and using non licensed personnel and it’s especially important to ask for their license. Each state has their own requirements for licensing so it would be useful to ask your Sydney local builder to provide their details.


Builders require giving you a certificate of currency for home indemnity. This type of insurance covers the home owner for any financial lose should the builder should fail to compete the agreed tasks

Past bankruptcy claims

It’s a good idea to ask your Sydney custom builder if there were any bankrupt issues in the past with the existing company. This can give you a good idea if these are the types of people you would like to work with.

Does the Sydney custom homes contractor have a maintenance period?

At the end of the building project, a custom builder will issue you with a period where they will repair or fix any inconsistencies that you may find. Usually these issues are minor but it will save you time and money to ask the builder to fix these during this period. Additionally ask the builder how length of time you have in this period.

When are the regular meetings?

When building a home build or any large Sydney construction project, regular meetings are required to ask questions and discuss any outstanding issues that may arise. Usually meetings are on the weekends when the home owner is available at their Sydney premise, but could possibly any day of the week. Be sure to ask your builder what day they will be available for regular meetings and see if it fits your schedule.

Custom design ideas you may have

Most of the time Sydney custom home owners have a certain picture in their minds how they would like home to look like. Sometimes these ideas can be problematic and would need to be discussed with the custom home builder as soon as possible. Discuss with your home builder what unique and custom things you would like to do to your home.

Payment schedule

Be sure to speak to your bank and discuss how much money is agreed to and when it can be accessed. Builders require deposits and part payments during the construction period and you will need to ask your bank if this schedule agrees with their policies.


Be sure to check the reviews of a building company. Reviews can give you a good indication to previous experiences.

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